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Electro-Flex Heating

Drum and Tank Heaters

Flexible Fiberglass
Insulated Drum Heater

Specifications :

• 575mmØ x 220mm
Wattage to suit application

• 220 Volt single phase

• Temperature limited outputFeatures

• Quick release clamps

• High temperature pure stranded glass insulation

• Other sizes designed and manufactured on request

• Used on plastic drums for low consistent heat transfer

Base Drum Heater

Designed for heating vertically standing drums from the base.


• 540mmØ x 100mm high

• 3 000 Watt x 230 Volt single phase

• Termostatically controlled 0 - 200°C
   or higher


• Solid mild steel cinstruction

• Can accommodate drums up to 500kg

• Continuous slow heating


• Heating 210l [44 gallon] drums from the base

• Vertical standing drums

• Other sizes manufactured to specifications

Drum Heater
This flexible metal cladded unit is designed to fit between the ribs
of a standard drum for external heating. Quick release clamping
buckles allow for fast and efficient drum changing.


• 575mmØ x 220mm in width

• 3 000 Watt x 230 Volt single phase

• Termostatically controlled 0 - 200°C Features

• Quick release clamps

• Mild or stainless steel construction

• Other sizes designed and manufactured on request


• Heating drums externally, wrap-around style

• Quick and effi cient heat transfer

• Fully insulated outer jackets also available

• Also manufactured with incoloy for very moist or wet conditions

• Made to customer specifi cations and adapted to class I
   Division I, II (zone 1, 2 &3) areas

Drum Heating Oven


• Sizes to suit 2 - 20 drums

• 50mm insulation

• Various material construction

• Fully automated control

• Mechanical or electric door mechanisms

• Safe for volatile products

• Waxes, oils, frozen food and liquids as well as other drummed

Direct Immersion Drum Heater

A lightweight unit designed for easy installation through the 50mm bung hole of a standard 210l drum. The element is durable and resists damage during the installation or removal process. Internally mounted temperature sensors protect against overheating.


• 1 000 - 6 000 Watt

• Thermostatically controlled 0 - 120°C or higher

• Single or three pfase Features

• Incoloy sheathed to resist most chemicals

• Direct immersion, quick heat transfer

• Other sizes manufactured to specifications

Electro-Flex Heating Electro-Flex Heating Electro-Flex Heating Electro-Flex Heating Electro-Flex Heating Electro-Flex Heating

Hotrod range of heaters

Electro-Flex Heating Electro-Flex Heating


Vitrosol heaters are made from translucent fused silica wich has an extremely low co-efficient of expansion and is inert to most acids. This makes it the ideal choice for the heating of acid solutions.


Titanium heaters can be used in a wide range of acid and alkaline solutions, but chemical attack does occur in some instances at varying rates, depending on the Temperature and concentration of the solutions. In electroplating proccesses such as nickel plating it is advisable to connect the Titanium sheath anodically to prevent corrosion.


Stainless steel heaters are ideal for use in phosphating solutions and in solutions with an alkaline or neutral PH value. Certain acidic chemical processes recommended the use of stainless steel tanks but this not necessarily mean the use of stainless steel heaters. In these instances it is advisable to use Vitrosol heaters due to the chemical attack on stainless steel at the elevated surface Temperatures of the heater tube.In brass plating processes, liquid ammonia must be used, not ammonium chloride, as the chloride will attack the stainless steel sheath.

Note: Vitrosol is a form of glass and must not be used in hydrofluerie acid or strong alkaline solutions. It also needs protection from mechanical dammage. This can best be effected by means of a polypropylene guard, or PVC in the case of chrome or nitric solutions.


It is recommended to install heaters in multiples of 3 in order to keep the phases balanced.
It is desirable to locate the temperature probe at a reasonable distance from the heaters in order to obtain accurate temperature control.

In phosphating solutions it is advisable to use a multiple of low kilowatt heaters rather than one high kilowatt heater. This will lower the watts density and avoid rapid build-up of phosphate sludge on the heater tube witch forms an insulating crust and causes the element to overheat.

The table below is the elements are ceramic filled incoloy tubes contained within an outer sheath of either stainless steel, titanium or vitrosol glass.

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